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the manufacturer of custom designed converting machinery for the film,paper,nonwovens,textile and foil industries.  
Every type of roll product can be unwound,slitted,rewound,coated and laminated on PROTEM-built machine.

PROTEM staffs carefully design all machines to match the exact customer specifications.

Particularly,electrical controls  incorporating PLC and motion control software are designed and provided by its own staffs.

Every machine is engineered for maximum productivity and is backed by staff of fully trained technicians.

PROTEM  provides customers with a total technical service system over the whole process from engineering equipment well-fitted to each product's specification to after-sales service.
All equipments are computerized and  equipped with its own developed software :CIM system, Self-testing system against a breakdown and Tele-service modem system.
Accordingly, customers can choose a preferable operating combination with proper application of software and hardware. And besides,maintenance can be done even under operating.

PROTEM has earned  a world - wide reputation  for the high quality, efficiency and  reliability   from
22 overseas customers.
Particularly,customers are very satisfied with the computer aided tele
diagnosis system and the check tour service, which are able to improve productivity through non-stop operation and preventive maintenance.